Liddington Hall removed from Local Plan

"Highly Sensitive" Green Belt Site Saved

FLAG are pleased that GBC have removed the threat of development at Liddington Hall for the latest version of the Draft Plan (April 2016).

The reason stated was that the Green Belt in this area is "highly sensitive". FLAG also believes that the following was instrumental in this decision:

  • Poor infrastructure - traffic caused a rejection of a similar development in 1983 and 2003 and there has been no mitigation measures implemented
  • It is recognised that the site is contaminated with cyanide
  • The proposed development would effectively merge Liddington Hall in within the Guildford Urban boundary

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Bore Holes being drilled to test for contanimation

FLAG maintains that these tests were by no means thorough enough to rule out contanimation. So few samples were taken that, due to the nature of the buriied material it would be possible to miss the deposits entirely.

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Traffic in the Liddington Hall Area 8:30 am on a typical Tuesday (n.b. average of all Tuesdays in Google Data)
Areas in red indicate slow traffic - courtesy Google Maps

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The clump of trees in the centre of the western part of Liddington Hall (taken and Photoshopped by Charlie Bennett)

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