Fairlands Safeguarded Land Removed from the Draft Plan

Fairlands Surrounded by "Highly Sensitive" Green Belt and Common Land

FLAG is pleased that the safeguarded land has been removed from the Draft Plan. The reason stated by Guildford Borough Council was that the Green Belt in this area is "Highly Sensitive". FLAG believes that this is due to the fact that any development in the Green Belt would reduce the barrier between Fairlands and the Guildford Urban boundary or the buffer area between Fairlands and Wood Street Village. FLAG also pointed out to GBC:

  • Road infrastructure in the area is not sufficient for a significant development
  • All other infrastrucure - Electricity, Water, Sewerage is also not sufficient to handle 519 dwellings
  • The NPPF allows land adjacent the urban boundaries to be safeguarded. This area was clearly not adjacent to any urban boundary.

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Fairlands is INSET in the Green Belt

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What does INSET in the Green Belt mean?

The boundaries of Fairlands are defined by the dotted green line around the village. Outside that line the land is either Geen Belt or Common Land. Building will NOT be allowed in these areas.


Inside the green boundary "limited infilling" will be allowed. This means that corner plots on the estate or back gardens can be developed. However, the character of the village must be maintained and residents can object if the new development changes the look of the estate.


Under the old plan 2003 - protection was much more specific and FLAG will fight for a return to these sorts of policies. Open spaces were supported as well as neighbour's rights to enjoy their amenities, views etc. 


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