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Rokers Presentation

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Tangley Lane Presentation

As presented to FLAG - see minutes for 8th March for detailed report. Highlights:

  • 350 dwellings (in addition to 140 for Site 61 in the July 2014 Draft Local Plan). Note this is re-included in the 2016 version as A22.
  • Primary School
  • Exit onto Keens Lane or Tangley Lane
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List of known development proposals around our area

FLAG Urges Continued Vigilence

Rokers Development

FLAG Opposes 370 Dwellings and a 5 form entry Secondary School on Rokers

FLAG has had several meetings with the developers. Whilst these have been cordial, 

we have made our position and opposition to this development clear. Some of our objections are:

  • The land is Green Belt. There are no special circumstances to allow development on this land
  • In 1983 the Planning Inspector rejected a development on nearby Liddington Hall, stating that the traffic generated would be ussustainable - there have been no improvements to the road infrastructure and an increase in traffic volumes since that time. This application, by the devlopers own calculation will generate an additional 623 peak hour movements
  • Other infrastructure such as electricity, water, drainage and sewerage is already stretched on nearby Fairlands and Liddington Hall
  • The development is so close to Whitmoor Common and, in spite of any sculptured areas within the development will increase the footfall on the common, which is a protected area. 

Liddington Hall and Fairlands back in the Green Belt

Keens Lane Sitewas built on despite objections from various concerned parties - Fairlands Village Inset in Green Belt - All other sites in our area were rejected for building

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Map of Guildford Urban area showing Blackwell and Gosden Hill Farms 

The Draft Local Plan has been released. Initial reactions are as follows:

  • The Safeguarded Land at Fairlands and the Liddington Hall development has been excluded – the reason given being the high sensitivity of the Green Belt in this area

  • 150 homes and a care home north of Keens Lane were built on the former Green Belt site.

  • The Council is relying heavily on strategic sites – Blackwell Farm and a new 1,100 home site at Flexford in Normandy (between Glaziers Lane and Westwood Lane) including a SEVEN entry secondary school (1,400) pupils

  • Fairlands Village is now inset in the Green Belt – this means that development actually on the Fairlands estate cannot be turned down using the Green Belt as the reason. This appears to open the door to back garden and corner plot development on the estate, but developers should have to maintain the character of Fairlands (note see Fairlands Page for a full explanation of insetting)

  • A new cemetery on the land North of Salt Box Lane

  • There are NO infrastructure improvements specifically in the plan for our area

 Rokers, Merrist Wood, Hook and Hunts Farm and Tangley Lane Proposals are NOT in the plan, but we have been told by some of these developers intend to submit their proposals for planning approval 


Hook and Hunts Farm Proposal

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Proposal offering a road across common land to alleviate traffic problems at school time. The proposal also includes 250 dwellings.

FLAG's view is as follows:

  1. This land is in the Green Belt and forms part of a valuable barrier between Fairlands and the edge of Guildford urban sprawl. Giving up this land brings the edge of Guildford closer.
  2. Traffic congestion in the area was one of the main reasons for the rejection, by the planning inspectorate, of a development at Liddington Hall. An additional 250 homes will add 400 more cars to the area.
  3. With 220 dwellings tightly packed in there will not be room for parents to park to pick up their children without blocking drives. Parents will still park in  "Old Fairlands".
  4. Existing houses will be overlooked in Envis Way.
  5. Once planning permission is granted and the site sold on, a new developer could buy two properties in Envis Way and apply to  join up the developments. This will cause a rat run and old parking issues will return.
  6. The main road shown on the plan could link into theneighbouring farms could releasing them for development as they are currently land locked. Once the Green Belt is breached it will set a precedent, making it easier for surrounding farms to fall to development. Again, any guarantee given by these developers can be overturned if the land is sold on.
  7. A road would have to be constructed across Broad Street Common.
  8. A number of parents will still pick up their children from Old Fairlands as this will be more convenient for them. Parents will not drive past the Fairlands entrance to use the Hook/Hunts Farm entrance.
  9. The owners of our Newsagent, Post Office and Hairdressers, have told FLAG they may have to close if they lose the passing trade from the school traffic.
  10. As you are already aware we already have problems with Water, Drains Electricity and Sewage. These will become a lot worse if Hunts and Hook Farms are developed.
  11. There will have to be a new junction constructed on the Aldershot Road, this will increase the congestion in the area easily backing up to Holly Lane.


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